TRM Hospitality


TRM Hospitality rebranded in mid -2019. This also includes changing the domain of their original website from "" to "".
This makes TRM Hospitality's new website requires high awareness. Organic awareness is needed by all brands, whether old or new, well-known brands or small brands, so website optimization or search engine optimization is the main focus of us and TRM Hospitality itself.

YILD Solution for TRM Hospitality

TRM Hospitality, which rebrands and migrates corporate websites to new domains, requires brand awareness and organic traffic to the new website. As a solution, YILD Creative Marketing takes the following steps:

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

First, we integrated this new website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console, considering the importance of the functions of these two tools.

Google Search Console is needed as a "signal" for Google that a website is ready to be indexed in its search engine.

To see the functionality of Google Analytics and Google Search Console, you can read it on our blog.

Clean Structure Keywords in Product Page.

We hope that tidying up the keyword structure found on the product page, will increase the visibility of each TRM villa product/unit page on Google.

Blog Article Writing.

To bring organic traffic, in addition to tidying up the SEO scheme on every page on the TRM Hospitality website, we also post several blog articles regularly every month to increase indexed keywords.

In the TRM Hospitality website's case, we post 3-4 articles every month while continuing to optimize each page.

Awareness in Social Media.

Placing a CTA (Call-to-Action) link on every TRM Hospitality social media account will also increase the visibility of this website itself.

After the project has been running for 12 months, you can see the results we achieved below;


Organic Growth Traffic




Top 10 Position Growth