Lavanya Hills Residences


Lavanya Hills Residences baru saja me-launch official website-nya dan memulai strategi digital marketing-nya pada akhir tahun 2020.
Karena relatif masih baru dan belum banyak yang mengenal brand Lavanya Hills Residences, maka pihak YILD Creative Marketing membantu pengembang properti ini untuk merencanakan strategi digital marketing yang terarah; mulai dari pengaturan SEO, social media content dan paid campaign.

Solusi YILD Untuk Lavanya Hills Residences

The Lavanya Hills Residences housing project itself only took place around 2019. Then this Depok's exclusive housing developer just launched their official website in early October 2020.

As a relatively new brand, a gradual and structured brand awareness strategy is needed. Here are the steps we do;

Integration with Google Tools and Ahrefs.

The first step in website optimization is integrating a website with Google Analytics and Search Console is a must.

In addition, we also integrated it with one of the well-known SEO tools, namely Ahrefs. This SEO tool from Singapore, help us in every content planning, monitoring keywords and traffic.

Content Article Writing.

By updating several blog articles every month, it is expected to increase the visibility of this housing website in Depok. After analyzing target keywords, we started writing several articles on topics related to property.

Social Media Content.

It's not enough to just blog articles, we also support social media accounts from Lavanya Hills Residences. From Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and ideas for YouTube content.

With conceptualized social media content, we hope that quality organic followers will be formed.

Also read our article, why likes and followers that are not qualified can hurt your social media accounts.

Customer Relation Management (CRM).

In addition to content, we also have full support for customer maintenance management or CRM. Through email campaigns and live chat, we hope that visitors who come to the Lavanya Hills Residences website can be converted into high-quality leads.

Paid Campaign in Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Like many housing developers, Lavanya Hills Residences also launches several promotional campaigns every month. One of the fastest ways to spread this promotion is through advertising/paid campaigns on Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

After 8 months working on this project, you can see the final results obtained by this website;




Organic Traffic




Organic Keywords