Bali Management Villas


Bali Management Villas is a villa management company in Bali and has been around for 10 years. In early 2020, the company decided to do a rebranding of the logo, concept, and of course the website. We support starting from the process

YILD Solution for Bali Management Villas

Bali Management Villas (BMV) decided to rebrand at the end of 2019. They started this process with a change of the logo and the overall management concept of this villa.

The website, of course, did not escape this rebranding process. The Bali Management Villas website initially used the Squarespace platform. Although there are many varied themes, the inflexibility of the themes on this platform, finally made BMV management migrate and redesign the website to be in line with the new brand from BMV.

Website UI Redesign.

The first thing we did was consult with the graphic designer who is responsible for this rebranding process. Once we have acquired these rebranding elements, such as fonts, colors, photo themes, etc; We started the redesign process by determining the big theme of this website.

After that, we started working on the sitemap workflow of this website. The goal is to make it easier for us and the most important thing will be the visitors to the Bali Management Villas website.

Migrasi Website.

After all the page designs are ready, we do the website migration process and redirect the domain name from old website to new ones.

Google Analytics, Search Console dan Tag Manager Integration.

As usual, we pre-integrated with all Google Marketing Tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Tag Manager.

These three tools are very important to analyze traffic, keywords and campaigns that they will do in the future.

Blog Article Writing

We work with the BMV team to do keyword research and write blog articles. We hope this will increase the existence of this villa management website on Google search engines.

CRM Tools Integration.

All companies, both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer), need leads for their business. By integrating this website with CRM tools, the data collection process for visitors who are interested in collaborating with BMV is well structured.

After working for 12 months you can see the results below;




Organic Traffic




Organic Keywords