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Social media is now getting more users, but there are also more players (brands) in it. 

It's not surprising that Facebook's algorithm actually 'forces' brands to perform inorganic (paid) activities to gain more privileges than brands that do not pay for campaigns. 

But with several existing constraints, one of which is a limited budget, we as brand owners need to be smart to find solutions to gain exposure on social media, but not burn money. 

One is by exploiting the existence and role of nano-influencers!

What are Nano Influencers?

Simply say, Nano Influencers are several celebrities in the "beginning" class; these types of influencers can be classified based on the number of followers, from 1,000-5,000 followers.

Why You Have to Consider using Nano Influencers?

While followers are generally not as much as superstars on social media, make no mistake! They have a high level of interaction (which can be judged from the engagement rate and activity on the comment stand).

They do not hesitate to respond to all of their followers' comments, as they are also in the "social climb" phase. 

On the other hand, their followers are more loyal than the followers of celebrities with influencers/superstars, so they tend to respond more actively to their posts.

The standard engagement rate for Nano-influencers is above 10% ... (twice as high as other categories of influencers)!

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What Are The Benefits Of Successfully Using Nano Influencers?

Continuing from the point above, these Nano-Influencers are seeking-prestige celebrities, but of course, they are also more aggressive in creating content. 

Based on data from SocialPubli, only 44% of Nano influencers are 'monetary minded', or a professional rate. 

The rest are still very open to free approvals. We give free products if they want to review our brand or product in their feed! 

Even if paid, the rate is probably much cheaper than micro or macro-influencers. 

For example, in Bandung there are many nano-influencers whose rates are less than 100 thousand per post feed, it's really affordable, right!

Work with Nano Influencers

How To Find Nano Influencers?

You can find it on or ask your followers through activities on Insta Story (so it can be interaction-inducing content) or find it manually by hunting on Instagram.

How To Make Contact With Nano Influencers?

Contact them via an direct message (because they rarely provide their professional email address).

Don't forget to introduce your brand well so that they can decide from the beginning about their suitability for your brand or profile. 

Tell them directly about your intention to contact them so that they do not get confused (which ultimately cannot respond to your contact). 

It is even better if you ask for their WhatsApp number or email address so that your marketing team has a good data collection if you want to work with the relevant influencer in the future.

How Can Nano Influencers Be Interested In Working Together?

Try to offer them a simple (difficult task for them) and profitable collaboration. 

Do not forget, we hope the collaboration is free. For example: give them a free product with a minimum of posting on their Insta story, or invite them to 'Instagram Takeover'. 

If they want to place them with a greater value (in feeds) or more frequently, your offer must of course have more value.

What Content Is Suitable For Publication Through Nano Influencers?

Different influencers, different preferences. So do not let your collaboration offer be generalized to all influencers! 

View their activities in feeds or Insta stories. If they regularly review products, they offer to ship the product for free so they can review it. 

If they give away more often, offer gift certificates or prizes that you can share with their followers. 

Take the time to first do a little research on the nano-influencers you want so that they too can offer an exchange system that also suits their preferences.

Other Things You Need To Pay Attention To With Nano Influencers

Also, keep in mind that nano-influencers are usually not parties that are used to working together professionally. 

If you have a paid partnership with them, you should not be a stranger if they do not have an official invoice, or are not even used to communicating by email. 

Adjust the way you communicate and advertise your business rules so that you too can feel comfortable. 

On top of that, you should not stop communicating with them so that in the future, who knows that they will grow to become micro and even nano influencers, they are still open to collaboration with your brand (like special prices!) Because your brand leaves a good impression on them.

You can really use these nano-influencers if your brand has a minimal marketing budget (or is distributed for other marketing activities).

Not only it is more cost-effective, but if you do it regularly, it can be of great benefit to your brand exposure on social media!

Hope this will inspire you!

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